Membership Levels

There are six categories of AFQAM membership, three of which are open to any qualified applicant: Full, Affiliate, and Provisional. 

- Must perform system or laboratory wide quality assurance duties which may include:
+ monitoring compliance with accreditation criteria
+ developing unified system wide or laboratory wide policies and procedures
+ administering the laboratory’s proficiency testing program
+ arranging/coordinating technical, safety and/or quality system audits
+ identifying deficiencies in compliance with quality procedures
+ investigating discrepancies and performing root cause analysis
+ coordinating resolution of discrepancies and monitoring corrective actions
- Must be identified on the organizational chart for the laboratory/system as the designated Quality Manager or within a Quality Assurance Unit, however named, or be able to otherwise demonstrate responsibility for laboratory/system wide quality assurance.

- May serve on and chair committees
- May serve on the Executive Board
- Have access to the Full Member AND All Member AFQAM Forums

- Does not meet the qualifications to be a Full Member but,
+ is advancing the profession of forensic quality assurance management; or
+ is an employee of an organization concerned with forensic quality assurance; or
+ otherwise provides technical assistance to AFQAM

- May serve on a committee, except as chair
- Have access to the All Member AFQAM Forum

- Conferred upon an individual who has submitted an application for AFQAM membership, after the AFQAM Membership Committee has reviewed it and verified eligibility
- Provisional membership is temporary until the next fall AFQAM Business Meeting when the desired membership level is reviewed and either approved or denied
- If membership is denied, provisional membership is terminated

- May serve on either Program or Education & Training Committees, except as chair
- Have access to the AFQAM Members Website only (not forums)

The remaining three membership categories are only open to existing AFQAM members: Associate, Emeritus, and Founding.

– Full Member in good standing for at least 2 years
– No longer meets the requirements for “Full Member” due to job/duty change at their Forensic Service Provider

– May serve on and chair committees
– May serve on the Executive Board
– Have access to the All Member AFQAM Forum

– Eligible only to a previous AFQAM member that no longer meets the qualifications for another membership level
– Member has participated in at least five AFQAM seminars and has continuously been a member of AFQAM for at least seven years
– Member has rendered distinguished service to AFQAM, such as committee membership, serving on the Executive Board, or presenting at an AFQAM seminar
– Member must be nominated and have two letters of recommendations from Full Members in good standing

– May serve and chair committees
– May not serve on the Executive Board
– Have access to the All Member AFQAM Forum

This special Emeritus Membership level is reserved for members who were present at the October 2001 organizational meeting in Kansas City, and has all the same rights and privileges as an Emeritus Member.

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