AFQAM Discussion Forums

AFQAM maintains two forums for lively and beneficial discussions on forensic science quality assurance. These forums provide an invaluable means for members to quickly exchange views and opinions, and obtain information concerning questions and concerns about quality assurance issues and related matters. Once you become a member of AFQAM, you will automatically be granted access to the forums through the Members-Only side of our website.

All AFQAM members have access to the “All Member Forum,

This forum provides an easy avenue for everyone to access the more than 250 members and their countless years of expertise and experience.

Access to the “Full Member Forum” is restricted to Full Members only.

These less frequent discussions are intended for confidential matters that need to be restricted to only members currently engaged in full-time quality assurance activities.

If you are a member and have yet to gain access to the Members-Only side of our website, please send an email to the Membership Secretary with your name, employer, contact information including address, telephone numbers, and email address. You will be contacted as soon as possible.


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