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–> What to do When !@#$ Hits the Fan
Wednesday 10:00am – 12:00pm
Kris Cano

Ever find yourself in that situation where you need to correct an issue in the laboratory and have no idea where to start? Quality issues arise unexpectedly and often are a little different each and every time, requiring unique solutions. This presentation will focus on what to do when that unexpected issue wreaks havoc on your lab and you as the quality manager are responsible for or are involved in providing a solution. Tasks of this nature can take a toll on personnel and resources; however, there are ways to overcome the overwhelmed feeling of having to conquer such a beast. The presentation will focus on examples outside the routine corrective actions such as a failed proficiency test, the use of an expired reagent, or nonconforming work and will focus on issues that could put you or your laboratory in jeopardy or worse yet the media.