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Our Mission

The Association of Forensic Quality Assurance Managers (AFQAM) promotes standardized practices and professionalism in
quality assurance management for the forensic community.

Our Vision
To support and enhance quality assurance practices to provide the criminal justice system with the highest quality of laboratory results and service.

Our Motto
Excellence Through Quality

Who We Are

The Association of Forensic Quality Assurance Managers was formed at an organizational meeting in Kansas City, MO in October of 2001. The Association began with only 22 members and has since grown to approximately 220 members, representing 49 states and Puerto Rico. We also have members from New Zealand and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Members represent local, county, state and federal law enforcement forensic laboratories, as well as private forensic laboratories, national/international forensic accrediting bodies, proficiency test vendors and other organizations that are concerned with advancing forensic quality assurance.

Membership and Its Benefits

Membership in AFQAM is a valuable tool for anyone in forensic quality assurance or management. In addition to the annual training conference, our members actively participate in an online discussion group where they can easily exchange views and opinions, and obtain information concerning questions and concerns about any and all quality assurance issues. This group is an invaluable service as it provides you direct access to other QA Managers who are grappling with many of the same issues as your laboratory. Topics covered vary greatly and include:

    • Accreditation
    • Technical/Discipline-Specific Questions
    • Evidence Handling and Management
    • Safety
    • LIMS
    • Grants

AFQAM has also developed a resource library for its member’s use. Items in the library include presentations on various QA topics, samples of QA manuals and SOPs, and examples of technical operating procedures.

Additionally, all AFQAM members are also members of the American Society for Quality (ASQ) through an organizational membership. This organization represents a global community with a wealth of resources relating to all aspects of quality assurance and management.

Annual Training Conference

AFQAM holds an annual training conference that will give you exposure to people and presentations directly related to your everyday activities. Conferences include general sessions, discussions, member presentations and professional training breakout sessions. Examples of topics covered include auditing, audit databases, and accreditation, as well as real life experiences of other QA Managers. Attendance may also assist you in meeting the continuing education requirements of your organization.

Cost for the conference is generally very reasonable. The conferences are held in the fall when many organizations have money available for travel. Perhaps the most beneficial aspect of attending an annual training conference is the opportunity to network and develop working relationships with peers in the field of quality assurance management and the forensic sciences.

Past AFQAM annual training conferences have enjoyed the support of the NFSTC in cooperation with the NIJ, FBI, and MFRC. Vendor participation and support allows for exposure to current products and services relevant to quality assurance and forensic laboratories.